The A.P.S. Total Inmate Phone Service Solution is designed for existing or new inmate facilities. We provide tariffs; billing and collections services;  validation;  customer service; long distance (carrier cost); and a next-generation inmate call control system.
A.P.S.The Total Inmate
       Phone Service Solution
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With the A.P. S. Inmate Phone Service you can enjoy all these outstanding features:

Inmate Phone Enhanced Billing Solutions:

Prepaid Collect:

A.P.S.s prepaid collect solution allows family members to contact an A.P.S. customer service representative via telephone to set up a prepaid collect account using a major credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.  Family members may also prepay by check, phone, PayPal, or a wire transfer.

Bank Card Collect:

Bank Card Collect will be an indisputably instant success in helping you increase collect calls from your phones/telecom services. A.P.S.s operators use Bank Card Collect to connect calls to cell phones or international destinations where we do not have collect billing agreements. This product allows callers with no payment alternatives, to place calls to parties with a credit card to which the call can be billed.

International Collect Calling:

A.P.S. platform provider,  NCIC is the first competitive carrier to introduce international collect calling in conjunction with its revenue share programs. Because of our direct billing agreements with the dominant carriers, our operators are able to complete collect calls to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the UK (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland). As with all of your calls, A.P.S. will report these international collect calls in your real-time call detail records, allowing you to quickly evaluate the successes and profitability of this service.

A.P.S. Inmate Telephone Services
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