24 Hour Customer Service

Trouble Help Desk

Support shall include but is not limited to any and all questions regarding the use of the I.C.E. system, kiosk system, debit cards, prepaid calling, operator services, I.C.E phones, use of web browser and / or Windows Operating System. In addition, A.P.S. staff is well trained and capable of answering any questions related to the all services outlined in this proposal.

All calls will be answered by a live operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!

Facilities will be given a single 800 number for customer service.  All and any questions will be handled by customer service and in no case will A.P.S. customer service refer facility to another company or contact to resolve any questions or issues. All customer questions and issues are handled 100% "in house" by A.P.S..

Ticket Escalation

A.P.S. would become the facilities single source inmate telecom service provider. A A.P.S. dedicated customer service professional (Account Representative) would be assigned as a single point of contact to handle all matter involving inmate telecom services.

Inmate Telecom services shall include, but are not be limited to, issues regarding inmate phone service, kiosk systems, debit cards and prepaid calling, telephone maintenance, repairs, telephone and electrical wiring, local, long distance and international carriers' service, commissions, fraud prevention and resolution, customer service, installation, removals and remodels.

The Account Representative will coordinate all issues with the appropriate department within A.P.S.. Moreover the Account Representative will be responsible to ensure that all matters are resolved timely and resolution of issues promptly communicated with the facility.

As a full service telecom provider, we believe our ability to resolve all matters "in-house" is a unique quality that A.P.S. is able to offer.

Fully Automated Inmate Customer Service

Inmates report all issues with the phone or calls directly to our automated call reporting system. Trained operators monitor calls and messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to quickly identify the issues and remedy them in a timely fashion.  This completely removes the need for you and your staff to field the phone problems sometimes experienced by inmates.

For valid call problems, inmates are provided a credit for a free call the same day they have reported the issue.  They are also informed by secured voicemail of the fix the next time their personal pin number is entered into the I.C.E. System. All voicemail to inmates are scripted, preventing any unauthorized form of communication with inmates.

A.P.S. Inmate Telephone Services
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