Real Time Inmate Call Blocking

Number blocking

A.P.S.'s I.C.E.(Inmate Call Engine) System has an easy to use secured web interface that allows the County to block specific numbers, prefixes and area codes. I.C.E. restricts any call to a blocked number, prefix or area code. For example, setting (888) xxx-xxxx as a blocked number would automatically block all 888 numbers.

When an inmate dials a number, the I.C.E.(Inmate Call Engine) System first checks to see if the number is blocked.  If that number has been blocked the inmate is informed that the phone number is blocked then is terminated. There are no restrictions on the number of blocked numbers that can be added.

Also, when PIN codes are used, inmate calls can be restricted to only those calls listed on an inmate's "allowed call list" or on the general allowed call list. The system administrator sets the limit of destination numbers an inmate is allowed. However, the system itself has no limit on the number of allowed or blocked destination numbers that can be allowed by the administrator.  

Automated call recipient call blocking

Not all calls from an inmate to a family member or friend are welcomed, so recipients have the option to easily and automatically block future calls from the inmates themselves.  Conversely, they may unblock their phone number by contacting the A.P.S.'s Call Center.  Recipients are confirmed via caller ID.

All call recipient requests are handled by NCIC Customer Service; this frees the County from inmate requests regarding blocking and unblocking of phone numbers.

Attorney numbers

A.P.S. subscribes to a national database of attorney numbers. Attorney numbers are updated whenever new attorney numbers are added to the database. Call recording is turned off for privileged numbers (attorney numbers, etc.) and the I.C.E System does not record or store any recording of the conversation. Monitoring of privileged conversations is completely blocked. Additional attorney numbers can also be added by the County from any Internet access computer.

All attorney numbers are stored in our database. Call duration of any destination number can be set to allow any call length, thus additional call time can be easily added for certain attorneys. There is no limit on the number of attorney numbers that can be added to the system or the duration of the calls.

Blocking numbers from recording

Similar to attorney numbers, any destination number can be blocked from recording. Blocking a number from recording is performed via A.P.S.'s secured web application. Call recording can be easily turned off for any phone number, inmate phone (station), groups of inmate phones or for a specific facility (such as juvenile). This feature prevents recording or monitoring of privileged calls.


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