Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Use of I.C.E.'s inmate personal identification number (PIN) technology, allows you to take fullest advantage of all of I.C.E.(Inmate Call Engine) Platform's telephone control features. When you configure I.C.E. to require PINs, a call cannot be processed unless the caller enters a valid PIN. Each call record contains PIN information, so by reviewing all calls made by a particular PIN, you can track the phone numbers an inmate calls, the frequency each number is called in a given time period, and the duration and disposition of each call.

PIN Phone Numbers

When you configure I.C.E. to use PIN technology, you can assign each PIN a limited or unlimited number of allowed destinations. The inmate is restricted to making calls only to the phone numbers in his or her PIN phone number list and any additional phone numbers added to the global allowed numbers list. You may not want to enter any global allowed numbers in your system to maintain maximum dialing security. Additionally, no other PIN may dial phone numbers of another PIN.

To help monitor PIN phone number requests, you can limit destinations for the whole facility or even on a per phone basis.

Disable PINs

From the I.C.E. Web application, you can disable a PIN as well as a specific PIN phone number for a specified period of time or indefinitely. This feature may be used to enforce punitive measures or to ensure that a PIN is not fraudulently used while an inmate is temporarily out of the correctional facility. 

In addition to Destination allowances, the following can be configured on a PIN basis:

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