Live Inmate Telephone Monitoring

A.P.S.'s I.C.E. platform is a web base application that runs on an array (multiple servers working as one) of centrally located servers capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous requests. Multiple operators can simultaneously retrieve, monitor, or playback recorded or live calls. All real-time monitoring is done without the inmate's knowledge, the system is completely silent and inmates will never detect that the call is being monitored.

An unlimited number of operators can simultaneously search and download recorded conversations from any computer with internet access. Calls are digitally stored and will not suffer any degradation regardless of how many times they are played or retrieved.

Alarm capabilities let you set watches for called numbers, PIN usage, and phone usage. Streaming audio lets you point, click, and listen to active calls unobtrusively from the same monitoring screen. 

I.C.E. Monitoring provides the following functionality:

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